This event will resume in 2025. In the Spring of 2023,  FOHP partnered with Melissa Davis of the  Kent State Herbarium and Hudson High school’s ninth grade honors biology class to begin the process of making an inventory of the flora and fauna of Hudson Springs Park.  We refer to this type of organized event as a “bio-blitz”.

The free phone app, iNaturalist was used to record observations.   For this event,  FOHP set up a project in iNaturalist such that any observation that is recorded within a Hudson Park is automatically added into our database.    Additionally, the contents of this database are available for anyone to add their own observations or to view the collective observations made by others .  It is our hope that building up this inventory will provide information to better maintain and enhance the ecology of our parks while providing our residents a fun way of bringing awareness of what can be seen in the park. 

In addition to iNaturalist,  the bird specific online database eBird provides highly detailed information on the birds that visit and live in our parks.  The sightings on our annual Spring bird walk can be seen here.

So, we invite you to visit your favorite park, have fun, post a few observations and we look forward to seeing your observations!!